15 minutes talking with and about Jeff Ascough. Light, photography and family

15 minutes talking with and about Jeff Ascough. Light, photography and family

In any order or combination, the three words stand for Jeff’s day by day life. Jeff is well known as one of the greatest wedding photographers. He visited Romania as a Canon ambassador.
My very good friends from Canon Romania granted me the chance to talk with Jeff and I would very much like to share with you my joy that I felt listening to him.

Jeff started his career as a photographer when he was 21. His intention to study psychology was diverted by his father who urged him to take care of a family business. Jeff put his heart into it and transformed it into his passion and then in an amazing career.

Later on his wife Sarah joined him. She helped him organizing and editing a lot of photos for their clients. For a couple of years she started to take pictures, having Jeff as a very good teacher. At this moment Jeff is always interested in seeing first the pictures taken by Sarah, since she amazes him with natural and original photos.

Jeff’s passion is seeking the light. He shoots almost all his photos without flash. He looks for the proper light in every picture he takes and prefers black and white images.
Wedding photos mean for Jeff valuable memories, to be shared with children and grandchildren showing a precise emotion of the very moment of a wedding even after 20 or 30 years later.

I talked with Jeff about the impact of technology on photography. A great example is a fine movie made by Canon Professional Network when Jeff helps Don McCullin to enter the fascinating world of digital photography, after a 5o years career of war photographer using film only.
Technology brings about a intense freedom for photographer, letting him concentrate on getting the picture. He sees the advantages of digital photography: high sensitivity of the new sensors, the amazing speed of the modern lenses, the precise focusing systems and image stabilization, all of them increase the performances of the digital cameras, turning them into the logical followers of the film cameras.
The eye, the mind and instinct of the photographer are the most important, technology comes only to help and to complete the mastership of the light seeker.

As a Canon ambassador, Jeff visited Romania also to introduce the new unreleased Eos 1DxMarkII, Canon’s to be flagship. After talking to Jeff, I saw the new camera with different eyes. It is a great tool which driven by the eye and the mind of the photographer can capture the light in a fantastic manner.

You can read more about Jeff on hit website: http://www.jeffascough.com

Thank you Jeff, thank you Canon Romania, thank you Fotodia Studio for the below pictures.


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