Despre mine

Noi trei

the three of us

or about us..

Four years ago I started to right on David’s blog in order to thank to all wonderful people that decided to help us in our fight against autism and to help other people that feel like we felt 7 years ago: lost and confused.
Later on I felt like sharing to other people the fine things that surround us. things that maybe are not all connected to David.
My wife Mike (or Teodora) and my son David offer me a lot of love everyday, being for me the reason to breathe and live.
I like reading books, listening to good music (especially on vinyl records), to take a lot of pictures and to travel with my family. I do a lot of diy work at home, most of the time helped by David.

For some time I joined Kooperativa 2.0 where I am in charge of Thank you, Cristian și Vlad for all your help.

Kooperativa 2.0

Kooperativa 2.0

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